CEO Held Accountable Through Twitter

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MDDI) featured an insightful story about how Medtronic’s CEO, Omar Ishrak, was called out for an inconsistency in how Medtronic treated its customers.
One day, after a nice morning jog, Ishrak decided to post the statistics from his mHealth app, Runtastic, on Twitter. This volley ensues:
medtronic ceo
Campos had been wearing the company’s Virtuoso Dual Chamber ICD (an implanted cardioverter defibrillator) since November 2007.
Since early 2012, Campos had been campaigning for Medtronic to allow its patients access to the raw data that the defibrillator captures, but to no avail. This Twitter exchange, which occurred this past summer, re-ignited this debate in a very public way.
medtronic ceo two medtronic ceo three
After this Twitter volley, Ishrak met with several Medtronic representatives, including the vice president of Global Strategy and Marketing of Medtronic’s Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management business. On July 5th, about a month after these Twitter exchanges, Medtronic provided Campos his desired data through his hospital.

HOW analysis

Our age’s increased transparency, is rendering it increasingly impossible companies and CEOs to live in two worlds, where you treat your customers one way and yourself another. Social media enabled Campos to not just call out Ishrak’s inconsistent behavior, but to do so in a way that looped others into this multi-way conversation. Medtronic had to shift from a “one-way” conversation where it set the terms and rules of the game and everyone else had to comply into a two-way conversation about its behaviors and values with everyday consumers.

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