#ApologyWatch. TWC vs M1: Compare their Apologies

telecommunicationM1 is one of three major mobile-communications company in Singapore. A few days ago, its users experienced a disruption to mobile services. M1 is offering one day of free local mobile calls, local SMS and MMS on Sunday “as a goodwill gesture.” CEO Karen Kokoi has apologized, saying “A full investigation will be performed to determine the root cause of the incident… in addition to our own investigation, we will be appointing an independent expert to conduct a network architecture and connectivity review.”

Contrast M1’s reaction to Time Warner’s.

Time Warner Cable TV customers in the Los Angeles area experienced a service blackout causing them to miss the halftime show and chunks of the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the Super Bowl. Service was restored in time for them to see a commercial from Time Warner, boasting, “Whatever you are passionate about, Time Warner Cable invents ways for you to enjoy it even better.”

“We didn’t live up to our standards for a quality customer experience. We know there’s no way to undo the inconvenience of last night’s outage, and we want them to know how truly sorry we are for this issue,” TWC said, backing their words with a meager  $5 gift card to subscribers who don’t have digital cable and could only watch the game on a standard definition channel.

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