Social Media Crowd Holds DKNY Accountable for stealing HONY Photos

dknyThe Daily Beast reports that DKNY had been using photos taken by Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind Humans of New York, without his permission in their stores in Bangkok. The whole story is worth reading, but we wanted to call out this quote:

Because of his fans around the world, Stanton adds, “Every time one of my photos get picked up, I get notified about it.

“Ten years ago, this could have been done, and no one would have figured out about it. Social media makes work easier to steal—but it also makes the people who take it more accountable.”

Stanton works mainly in the New York area, and so would not have discovered what DKNY was doing in Bangkok by himself. This is an example of how, facilitated by the power of technology, individuals around the world can shine a light into the workings of a company operating a continent away. But, perhaps more importantly, it is also a testament to the loyalty that Stanton inspires in his fans (5 million of them on Facebook), that they would be willing to protect and guard his brand and his work. What if companies inspired their employees, customers and all their stakeholders so much who would do the same, lessening their reliance on formal “public relations” teams to protect their intellectual property? This requires an elevation of behavior.

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