What LeBron and the German National Soccer Team both demonstrate: Humility in Leadership

LeBron_James_Dov Seidman’s latest Forbes column is “Ich bin ein Cavalier: What We Can Learn From LeBron, German Soccer & The Spurs.” Read on about the insights he draws out for business leaders today:

The humility and respect with which LeBron has recently conducted himself, and the integrity and trust in collaborative discipline with which Germany created its winning soccer culture, have much in common – and much in common with contemporary business culture. Both provide powerful examples of how today — where basic business excellence is more or less a given — it is ultimately the systematic application of core human values that truly lead to the highest quality teamwork, and which will spell the difference between champions and also-rans in our culture at large. The fact is, good teams have always beaten less good teams. The real lesson is about how, today, adherence to core values is causing teams, and businesses, to excel in ways that are both successful and fundamentally sustainable.

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