How Human is Your Company? (Quiz)

Most online quizzes try to give you insight into who you are, often by giving you a category to attach your identity: What Disney princess you are, what state best fits your personality, and so on. Dov Seidman’s latest Forbes column takes this trend one step further: A quiz to assess the organization in which you work. Is your company human? Autocratic? Bureaucratic?

The fact is that all companies, regardless of their character, are asking their people for much more human contributions. Rather than executing checklists (never mind online quizzes), we want our employees to exercise judgment. Rather than deferring to marketing or PR, we want our people to behave as chief marketing officers while conveying the company’s key messages in their own words, through their own networks. Rather than merely providing products and services, we also want our people to forge deep experiences and relationships that will sustain through ups and downs.

The question is whether companies possess a corporate character (the sum of all employees’ behaviors) that is consonant and enables, or is dissonant and fights, with these desired human behaviors. How human are our companies currently? Not human enough, according to the early results of LRN’s ongoing global surveying of corporate characters: only 3 percent of companies truly qualify as sufficiently human. Changing our corporate characters is difficult but necessary work.  To get started, take the quiz.

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