#GivingTuesday Movement: A Metaphor for 21st Century Power

Dov Seidman in Forbes on the powerful metaphor of #GivingTuesday:

I have described #GivingTuesday as a “wave” because the human wave – that unison of raised hands and hearts when we cheer on teams – is a perfect metaphor of what it looks like when power is not exerted over people, but rather generated through people who willingly stand up together for what they collectively believe in…

One of the main reasons why #GivingTuesday has been growing in a sustainable way is because the leaders who first catalyzed it, and so many others that have joined it, understand that the sources of power have shifted in our rapidly reshaping world – one that has gone from connected to interconnected to interdependent…

We are now in a world where increasingly a pure focus on scaling products, business models or even philanthropic programs is not nearly as powerful, and certainly not as enduring, as scaling values, which is at the heart of #GivingTuesday.

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