Our Philosophy

In one sentence, our philosophy is that “how” we do what we do is more important than “what” we do.

This blog is a live extension of the HOW philosophy, which was created by Dov Seidman, CEO of  LRN, a company that advises other companies on how to inspire principled performance within their organizations. This blog brings fresh examples that bring the philosophy to life, as well as provide a “HOW lens” in understanding the world around us.

The first tenet of the HOW philosophy is that we are now in the  “The Era of Behavior.” This means that we live in a world that is interdependent, where power is shifting to the individual, and where the separate spheres of the public and personal are fusing. The second tenet is that this changing world we live in necessitates a deep rethinking of human behavior, namely how we lead and how a business or organization relates to its main stakeholders – its employees, customers, suppliers or partners, and community members.

In short, HOW we behave – how we lead, measure, and build relationships – is the key competitive advantage in the 21st century.

For general information, visit howistheanswer.com. If you are interested in bringing HOW to life in your organization or leadership, visit lrn.com/howmetrics.

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